- Useful shareware for programmers using Microsoft development tools. Dexter is a shareware Add-in providing automatic code completion for all Microsoft Development environments.

Dexter Change History

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 1) - 20/05/2001

bulletOriginal version

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 2) - 20/06/2001

bulletAdded '\b' (backspace) facility to Replace With field.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 3) - 27/06/2001

bulletMade File Types field case insensitive.
bulletImproved handling of '\b' (backspace).

Dexter .NET Version 1.0 (Beta) - 14/10/2001

bulletDexter available for Microsoft Visual Studio 2002.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 4) - 03/02/2002

bulletImproved bitmap clipboard handling when creating tool bar menu and buttons.
bulletImproved tooltips.
bulletChanged bitmap for Dexter .NET menu item from smiley to the scorpion.
bulletAdded tip dialog when pressing shift plus space.
bulletIncorporated Dexter .NET into release build.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 5) - 10/02/2002

bulletAdded hyperlink to Dexter's download page on main configuration dialog.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 6) - 17/03/2002

bulletFixed minor bug with File Types field.
bulletRemoved need to restart IDE when entering license key after Dexter has expired.
bulletAdded nag dialog (sorry).

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 7) - 07/04/2002

bulletAdded ability to define variables of form '%VARNAME% within Replace With field, the values of which Dexter will prompt for at automatic code completion time.
bulletFixed bug where Dexter can (on rare occasions) cause spurious automatic code completion.
bulletImproved resilience of loading and saving Dexter configurations.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 8) - 10/11/2002

bulletCompletion key can now be configured.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 9) - 19/01/2003

bulletCan now have '@' character in automatically completed code.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 10) - 10/02/2003

bulletFor extra flexibility, added host IDE tab settings to Dexter configurations.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 11) - 05/05/2003

bulletDexter now automatically registers as an add-in for Visual Studio 2003.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 12) - 19/10/2003

bulletFixed bug where automatic code completion did not occur in Dexter .NET for read only files.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 13) - 25/01/2006

bulletDexter now automatically registers as an add-in for Visual Studio 2005.

Dexter Version 1.0 (Build 14) - 26/09/2006

bulletNo longer shows nag message box.
bulletExtended evaluation period so never expires.
bulletRemoved all limitations.

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