- Useful shareware for programmers using Microsoft development tools. Dexter is a shareware Add-in providing automatic code completion for all Microsoft Development environments.


Current Version: 1.0 (Build 14).

Dexter is primarily aimed at professional software developers. It is an Add-in that extends and enhances the functionality of several Microsoft development tools, including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual InterDev, Visual J++, Visual Studio 2002, Visual Studio 2003, and Visual Studio .NET for Applications.

Dexter removes the drudgery from programming by providing automatic code completion. When you begin to type in a language statement (e.g. an if or while statement) Dexter will recognise this and automatically complete it for you.

Dexter is totally extensible and configurable. So whatever IDE or language you are using, Dexter can be configured to suit your programming style and desired layout.

The following is an example of how Dexter can save you time when entering a C++ while statement within Microsoft's Visual C++ IDE. Dexter behaves in a similar manner within all Microsoft's development environments.

If you type in wh or whi or whil or while and press the completion key (space bar by default).

Dexter recognises you are about to type a while statement and automatically completes it for you in a manner you have defined

If you do not want Dexter to complete the current statement for you, hold the shift key when pressing the completion key (space bar by default).

Notice Dexter adds a toolbar button to the IDE; clicking this button launches Dexter's configuration dialog.

Dexter is the only automatic code completion Add-in that is TOTALLY configurable, and works in ALL Microsoft development environments to improve programming productivity, reduce coding errors and ensure a consistent programming style.

For a more complete description of how Dexter works, please visit our downloads page and get Dexter's complete help file.

To see some example screenshots of Dexter, please click here.

To see Dexter's change history please click here.

Minimum system Requirements

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating systems running on Intel hardware. A Pentium 90 MHz or faster processor. At least 1MB of free disk space.

One or more of the following products must also be installed

bulletMicrosoft Visual C++ 5.0 or 6.0 (to use Dexter Visual C++ Add-in)
bulletMicrosoft Visual Basic 5.0 or 6.0 (to use Dexter Visual Basic Add-in)
bulletMicrosoft Office 2000 (to use Dexter Visual Basic for Applications Add-in)
bulletMicrosoft Visual InterDev 5.0 or 6.0 (to use Dexter Visual InterDev Add-in).
bulletMicrosoft Visual J++ 5.0 or 6.0 (to use Dexter Visual J++ Add-in)
bulletMicrosoft Visual Studio 2002 (to use Dexter .NET Add-in).
bulletMicrosoft Visual Studio 2003 (to use Dexter .NET Add-in).
bulletMicrosoft Visual Studio 2005 (to use Dexter .NET Add-in).
bulletMicrosoft Office XP (to use Dexter Visual Basic for Applications Add-in)

Dexter has only been tested with version 6.0 and 7.0 (.NET) of Microsoft's development tools, Office 2000 and Office XP, on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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Last Modified: 26/09/2006

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